Work as an Assistant

Carlton hires assistants whenever a project requires extra hands. If you'd like to work as an assistant, we need some basic information about you:

  1. Your name and age (or date of birth)
  2. How you would like to be contacted (email address, phone number, etc)
  3. Your experience in assisting and in photography, if any
  4. Your availability (schedule, location, ability to travel, etc)

Additionally, send us anything else you want us to consider, such as your portfolio, references, or preferred compensation. Think of this as a way to introduce yourself, and we encourage you to tell (or show) us everything you want us to know.

No particular experience is required.
While the nature of your experience is certainly relevant, it's not necessarily what makes you most eligible to assist. Please be honest and accurate about your experience and your abilities, so that you don't get called in for the wrong job. Someone who is admittedly inexperienced will be hired for one simple job after another as he/she learns, but someone who claims expertise and fails to perform won't be hired again. Carlton will train assistants on the job, and enjoys teaching (when appropriate).

More about your application.
We keep your details on file, and we will contact you about individual jobs as they become available. Please don't hesitate to update us about yourself as things change! You can supply information using whatever methods you like, but keep in mind that we are more likely to follow up with people who make it easy and efficient for us to get what we need. Your information will always be kept private, and will only be used to evaluate your eligibility to assist.

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