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A little bit about Carlton…

Carlton Wolfe is just another person compelled by that primitive and quintessentially human urge to imprint the contents of his mind onto the world around him. As an artist, he tries to create work that is thoughtfully informed, visually lush, conceptually elegant or brazenly superficial, and technically meticulous. He is also an effective and conscientious professional, supplying commercial and editorial markets and catering to discriminating clients.

Carlton has been behind one camera or another for 25 years and is currently based out of Washington DC. He is the creator of HOIST studio and the founder of the Aesthete Equipment Company. In a related industry, Carlton is also the creator of ImageMIST, which is a sales, distribution, and management tool for intellectual property.

He loves to read, to cook (and to eat), motorcycles, beauty in any form (especially clever or unexpected ones), and acts of rationality.

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